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...travel with Unitrips?


We don’t hire normal workers, as we are not a normal company. Our crew is not here for the money, but because they really enjoy what they do: travelling, working with with interesting young people from all over the world, learning about new cultures and enjoying themselves!

Our team is international: some are ex-erasmus and others have international experience in the workplace. Furthermore, all have a high level of language skill, which is really useful when it comes to speaking different languages around Europe and leading a group of different nationalities.

It’s not easy leading international young groups, but our staff know how to manage and how to make your trip an unforgettable experince!


Forget about boring trips with your parents or grandparents, all our travelers and even the crew are between 18 and 35 years old! Never it has been easier to make new friends!

We have oragnized trips for international as well as Spanish student associations (Erasmus Student Network, AEGEE, local associations, AIESEC, Erasmus Mundus, Comenius…) and thanks to this have learned how to make things fun for young people while respecting the diveristy of each individual.

Financial Security

Be assured that your money is safe with us. The are many websites online offering low – cost trips but are they a genuine registered business with financial insurance as we are? Unitrips is registered to the General Administration of Tourism in the Community of Madrid (with Travel Agency License no. CICMA 2900) . Consequently, all payments are covered by financial protection and civil responsibility insurance.

You can be sure that your money is in safe hands and is being invested in the best trip of your life!

Learn having fun

We really think traveling is the best way to open your mind, and we will do our best to share all our knowledge we have learnt over the years and the journeys about places, people, culture, customs, food, history, economy…

And if you ask us something we don’t know, we’ll look for an answer as fast as we can! Every day you learn something new, right?!

Our aim is for you to come home and share with your friends and family everything you have learned without opening a single book!


Partying is also part of culture! We will always make time to go out, and while of course it is no obligation, it’s always fun to stay out until the early hours!

We’ve met students that only sleep a couple of hours each night as to make the most of each city both by day and by night! You can always sleep on the bus!

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