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Hi Unitripper! We're getting close to the date of your trip with Unitrips, so please pay the outstanding amount for the trip you reserved with us.


Firstly, you’ll find in your email inbox an email with all of the details of your reserved trip.

  • Can’t find it? Search by sender:
  • Still can’t find it? Check your Spam folder.

Got it? Great! Let’s begin…

1. Check your ORDER NUMBER, which appears after the hashtag #:


2. Another important detail is the PENDING AMOUNT. At the bottom will appear the amount paid (normally 100€ per person) as well as the pending amount, as shown in the image below.




3. Fill in the form indicating the pending amount which you are going to pay and the trip and extras which you would like, as well as indicating anything relevant about the trip, like for example:

  • Special necessities (medical or special attention)
  • Food specifications (vegetarian, vegan or if you don’t eat a certain type of meat)
  • Other requests not considered until now

If you have changed emails since reserving the trip, please enter your new email in the next stage of paying the remaining amount and let us know by sending us a message. Knowing which email you use is very important to us as we send all the trip information approx. 1 week before departure to this email address. So check your inbox as well as your Spam just in case!

When you’ve finished paying the due amount, a new order number will be generated. This can be a bit confusing, but don’t worry: if you correctly entered your initial order number, our agents will assign this last payment to the initial number and you’ll receive an email confirming that your order is complete.


  • Extras

  • Revisa tu email para verificar el numero de pedido / Check your email to varify your order number
  • Informanos del numero de personas por las que vas a pagar el viaje. / Let us know how many people you're going to pay for.
  • Indica el importe pendiente que te queda por abonar / Enter the amount due to be paid
  • Por favor, confirma si necesitas atenciones especiales, si tienes intolerancias relevantes que puedan afectar a tu salud a lo largo del viaje. / Please let us know if you need any special attention, if you have allergies or relevant intolerences which could affect your health throughout the trip.
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