Why travel by bus? | Unitrips


How do we travel?

Trips with Unitrips are not conventional, they are a life experience.  We do our best so that you:

  • Get to know people from all around the world
  • Party in different European cities
  • Grow culturally in the best way
  • Make the most of your time. We dedicate more time to exploring places and less to waiting in airports or train stations
  • Have Fun. Sleep on the bus so you have as much energy as possible and enjoy going out!

How do we do it?

Using the most appropriate form of transport: bus! Combining this ingredient with our organization and experience, we obtain the perfect recipe:

Advantages of travelling by bus

Europe is a small continent, but has so many things to see. In few kilometres, landscape can change drastically, from warm beach to snowy mountain. The culture, language and food can all change, and how can you take most advantage of these details? Travelling by bus!

Obviously flying is the quickest way to travel, and often can be very cheap too. However, flying is  just a tool to take you from A to B, without giving you opportunity to explore everything that is in between.

On the contrary, by bus,  you can enjoy the landscapes from the window,  the company of people from all around the world, and stop in beautiful villages in the middle of nowhere… The most interesting way to travel, don’t you think?

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