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We offer various options to help you find your ideal accommodation


One of the first exciting and overwhelming decisions is deciding where your future home will be for this great international experience. No doubt for many, it’s the first time living ‘alone’ and, especially at the beginning, more than a few questions will pop into your head.

Like, for example: which is the best district to live in? What is a reasonable price that I should pay per month? Where can I look for accommodation? If I want to share a flat, how to I find flatmates? And the list goes on and on… But not to worry, we are here to help you look for the best option which takes all of your preferences into account. Below, we suggest various options which will help you find tour ideal room. If none of these options help you, please write to and we’ll see what we can do for you!

Start your search here with the help of SPOTAHOME

One of the ways to look for your new home is through the platform Spotahome. Spotahome is a well known, and above all safe, platform when it comes to looking for current rooms and flats. A small reservation tarrif is applied in relation to the booking of your room. Furthermore you’ll find a 15% discount on the reservation quote with Unitrips! To apply it, choose a property and add UNITRIPS747 at the end of your reservation.

*Example of where to enter the Unitrips promotional code

reserva spotahome

Now you can get going with the new flat search :)

Start your flat search with the help of Uniplaces

Another search method where you can start is the platform Uniplaces. Uniplaces is a popular and safe platofrm when it comes to finding new accommodation. Furthermore you’ll get a 20% discount on rooms or flats with Unitrips! To apply the discount, add the coupon UNITRIPS:

We work with the top recidencies in Madrid which offer accommodation to young people, we can offer a place in the following residencies (when and how they have availibility)

We also offer pick up services from the airport + a week in a hostel: from €200 (subject to dates and availability)

We offer a further way to search for your new accommodation. We have contact with individuals who offer flats in Madrid. If you haven’t found what you’re after using the previous platforms or residencies, and would prefer to investigate this option further, drop us an email at

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