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Depart with Unitrips from Barcelona to Munich to enjoy the Okotberfestival


2 Nights

An unforgettable Festival

From 350 €

Low cost, High Value

Oktoberfestival Munich

The biggest beer party

Depart with us from Barcelona to have the brewing experience of your life! Your only concern will be getting off liters of beer, dance, enjoy and meet people from around the world in the most cosmopolitan party in Munich! Enjoy the Oktoberfest with Unitrips!

Direct transport available via Coach

Barcelona – Munich

Munich – Barcelona

So you just have to get on the bus in Barcelona and you can sleep, saving all your energy for the party!

With transport from Barcelona:

Choose one of 3 travel dates

(Includes 2 nights accommodation in a bus-bed + 2 nights in camping)

  • 14th to 18th of September
  • 21st to 25th of September
  • 28th of September to 2nd of October

You will meet us on Thursday at Plaza Catalunya in front of the Hard Rock Cafe for your Barcelona Bus to Oktoberfest 2017 trip. We will jump on the bus and there you will be introduced to your friendly guides, meet your fellow Stokies, and get into the Oktoberfest spirit. The bus is spacious and there’s plenty of room to stretch out and get a solid night’s sleep. We will arrive in Munich on Friday, and once we arrive there is nothing left for you to worry about apart from having a good time as everything is taken care of. There will be a bunch of friendly guides to answer all of your questions and help you out when necessary. Then let the three days of fun commence, with lots of beers, amazing people and great experiences. The bus will depart from the Stoke Travel Oktoberfest campsite on Sunday, and will be arriving in Barcelona Monday morning.

What is Oktoberfest?

The Oktoberfestival is one of the Unitrips crown jewels. It is held every year and of course we won’t be left out of this year’s great beer festival. That’s why we’ve created our own party that won’t leave you disappointed. It consists of a massive festival within the camping grounds which you are not going to forget…

Right in the camp, you’ll find your tent waiting for you which just needs the last push to make it ready to be your new home. Inside the tent you’ll find a mattress and a sleeping bag, although we know you won’t be using them much ;) you don’t need to worry at all about sleeping comfortably at night. We have also arranged with some great chefs to sort out your breakfasts, snacks and dinners each day. We will delight you with tempting, tasty breakfasts and hot dinners to keep your stomachs happy.

Regularly in our camp, there are loads of celebrations held such as parties with a carnival touch, hot DJs, live bands, live radio programs, and unlimited FREE BEER and SANGRIA for just an extra €10 per day. Of course it’s always your choice to participate in these crazy parties.  You can be sure  to have an awesome time that will knock your socks off, give you an overdose of  fun, and promises to be the experience of a lifetime!

Uncertain about how many days to join in for? By the time you arrive and dive into the  party and fun, it will almost be time to return to the real world. So we recommend that you set aside 4 days to fully savor all Oktoberfest has to offer.

A day in the life of Oktoberfest

8am-10am Hot breakfast to get you all fuelled up for a day of drinking and boozing at the festival

english speaking guides will direct you to the beer halls via public transport. Meet us at the Lowenbrau tent!

8pm Dinner included every night. Massive campsite party begins; the beer and sangria will be flowing and the music will start pumping

11pm Oktoberfest closes for the night and all those who have lasted the day heads back to campsite to join the party

*This schedule may undergo some  changes due to traffic, weather or other external and uncontrollable circumstances.

Starting point: Munich

Oktoberfest 2017 is held in the centre of Munich, Germany at the official Oktoberfest grounds Theresienwiese. This is where you will find the beer halls, fun fair rides and superb Bavarian food.
The Stoke Travel campsite is ideally located within easy access to the Oktoberfest beer halls. Our group heads into the craziness every day via the cheap and easy public transport, which picks us up directly in front of the campsite. No worries about been left out on any of the activities because the Stoke Travel guides are there to guide you into the party and point you towards the direction of the beautiful Bavarian beer.

Campingplatz Obermenzing
Lochausenerstrase 59, Obermenzing, Munich.

Concerned about the cheapest way to fly? No worries, because we have you covered! If you want to reach Munich in a good, nice and cheap way, there are lots of low cost flights EVERYDAY from Madrid, Barcelona and many other European cities with:

  • Ryanair
  • Vueling

Check prices on the company webpage or on the search engines such as:

If you have problems regarding how to find a flight within the days and times you want, we can lend you a hand. But first of all, we advise you to read this article!

 What is included:

  • English Guides to take you to the Oktoberfest beer halls via public transport
  • Camping accommodation in pre-erected tents with mattresses and sleeping bags
  • A tasty breakfast each morning (vegetarians can be catered for)
  • A hearty and wholesome dinner each evening (vegetarians can be catered for)
  • A fun, party atmosphere with an international vibe


  • Unlimited beer and sangria for only €10 per day
  • An awesome Munich bike tour through the city centre to one of the biggest beer gardens in the world for only €31
  • Traditional Oktoberfest outfits

Book your trip with only 100€

Additional Information


14-18, 21-25, 28-02

390,00  350,00 

Depart with Unitrips from Barcelona to Munich to enjoy the Okotberfestival. All kinds of attractions and good fun. In addition to traditions such as singing and dancing on the tables with liters of beer to the beat of German music.

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