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World Heritage Sites

Join us on this European Trip and enjoy an unforgettable experience! Rediscover middle age cities where the story of Europe was written while passing through the Belle Époque Paris, the fairytale-like towns in Belgium, the city that never sleeps Amsterdam, the “Carnival city” Cologne and the richest country in Europe: Luxembourg. And, last but not least, all this will be with your new Unitrips friends!

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3rd to 10th July

Day 1- Paris

We will wake up in the so called “City of Light”, Paris. After a croissant, we will start our route around Paris. We only have to choose where to begin! You don’t have to be in love to enjoy Paris. Imagine walking through the Arc du Triomphe, passing down the Senne and finding the Notre Dame (the gothic cathedral with the most famous gargoyles in the world), or losing yourself in thousands of impressionist paintings in the D’Orsay museum, or flashing a wink at the Mona Lisa in the Louvre.

central europe tour

Not to mention, we will of course visit the symbol of this capital, the legendary Eiffel tower. The iron structure was erected during a world exposition in the 19th century and since then has watched over the inhabitants of Paris and has now become a symbol of the city.

Not had enough yet? Recharge your batteries because there are still parts of Paris that you do not want to miss! How about we go to the Sacre Coeur in Montmatre and walk through Pig Alley?

Did you know…

– The Eiffel Tower is 18 cm taller in the summer due to expansion of metal in the heat

– Why is Paris called the city of light? A long time ago there was a lot of crime in the city and so the mayor of Paris instructed the citizens to put a candle in their window before gas lamps were around, making Paris the first city illuminated in this way

– There is such a thing as ‘Paris Syndrome’ which affects the Japanese whose hopes for the city aren’t met. There is even a 24 hotline for those affected

Day 2 - Luxembourg - Cologne

We will continue in France, driving among the hills the Champagne region, which gave name to the most famous (and expensive) sweet bubbly wine.  This region was the battlefield between French and Germans who fought in the battle of Verdun. Here we can find the memorial of the bloodiest battle of the World War I where more than 1 million of soldiers rest in peace under the ground.

Before saying “Hallo” to Germany we will visit the richest city/state in Europe: Luxembourg.  Many European institutions, like the Court of Justice or Secretary’s office of European Parliament have their headquarters here.  There is no time for us to open a bank account or a company, so we better march on!

Driving against the flow of Rhine, the most important river of Europe for rive trade, we will arrive to Cologne and check out its nightlife. Being a big student city, it shouldn’t let us down!

central europe tour

Did you know…

– The official languages of Luxembourg are: FrenchGerman and Luxembourgish

– Luxembourg has 502,000 inhabitants

– It was the first country to completely switch from analogue to digital TV, in 2006

– It is renowned for its steel and chemical industries

Day 3 - Cologne - Amsterdam

Guten Morgen Deutschland!

With a lot of energy, we will visit the centre of Cologne, the city famous for its waters and for the most gothic cathedral of all cathedrals! We will start our day looking at the incredible views the city has to offer from the other side of its famous bridge. We can add a lock to the hundreds of others on the bridge, have some lunch, as in the afternoon, the free city of Amsterdam awaits us!

We will arrive in Amsterdam in the afternoon, dump our bags and head straight for the red light district. The night is young and life is short, let’s have a good night!!

central europe tour

Did you know…

– The cathedral in Cologne is one of the biggest and most spectacular in the world, and continues to be the biggest gothic building in the world

– In front of the cathedral you can find bizarre looking glass that looks like pixels of colour

– In Christmas, a Christmas market full of fantasy, lights, singers, ice rinks and bars serving mulled wine appear in the centre of Cologne making it a true fairy tale city

Day 4 - Amsterdam

The liberal culture and politics of this country it a global reference for defenders of liberalism in terms of light drug use, legalization of prostitution and same-sex marriages.

But Amsterdam is not only about coffee shops and red lights. There are many old alleyways in which you can get lost. If you’re not into getting lost, perhaps the Heineken brewery or the Van Gogh museum, the Rijksmuseum or Anne Franks’ House are more for you.

*Anne Frank House museum, skip the line: 15€

central europe tour

Did you know…

– The facade of numerous houses that populate Amsterdam lean forwards. The explanation for this is that its architects built them feeling that, given their narrowness; the best way to get furniture into the house is through the top story windows. Therefore every house has a hook on its rooftop and furniture can be hoisted to prevent the it from crashing into the facade

– Amsterdam is the most liberal city in the world, so we think. It was the first city in the world to legalize same sex marriage, marijuana and prostitution

– Most men and women are tall in Amsterdam. Men measure an average of 184 cm and women 170 cm

More info regarding the coffee shops:

The Best Coffee Shops in Amsterdam

central europe tour

Day 5 - Amsterdam - Brussels

We hope you have enough energy to enjoy today because we still have soooo much to see. Don’t get lost in Amsterdam because today we are off to Belgium and specifically its capital: Brussels. You will get to know the heart of the European Union in all its buzz and splendour.

In the afternoon we will tour the city, seeing the most characteristic and touristic places including some the Belgian Centre of Comic Strip Art, where Tintin, Lucky Luke and the Smurfs were all born. We won’t forget Mannekin Pis, the symbol of the city for over 2 centuries which receives more than two million visitors a year. A country with ten million inhabitants where three different languages are spoken: French, Flemish and German.

central europe tour

Did you know…

– The famous Manneken Pis statue in Brussels, also known as meón child, is not the original. There have been silent replacements of the statue due to it being damaged and stolen by vandals repeatedly.

– The three typical delights of Brussels are: frites, waffles and beer

– There are  many types of beer in Brussels, and the Delirium bar is one of the most picturesque, collecting them all

– There is a wellspring of hot water, cold water and sparkling water (!!) in the middle of the city, located at the Gare Central

– Some of its universities follow the Flemish method of education, while others remain French

Day 6 – Brussels – Brugge** – Ghent**

Today, you will have two options! The first is to rest and recover from your hangover; while the second option is that you hang out with us and see another two amazing Flemish cities! Right next to Brussels, hop on the Unitrips bus and we’ll take a walk in Bruges and then finish the day in Ghent. Here you’ll be glad to see these two well preserved medieval towns where the medieval architectural style of Northern Europe has remained intact!

*Optional Trip (Bruges – Ghent): €35

central europe tour

Did you know…

–  During the Middle Ages, Bruges encountered its most prominent financial height which is reflected in its Gothic design. The city started its decay when its port was blocked by sandbars

–  Contrary to the popular belief that relates the name of the city to a story about witches, “Brugge” has its roots in the Old Dutch word for “bridge”

– It belongs to the region of Flanders, considered culturally much richer than Wallonia (the southern part of Belgium)

Day 7 - Brussels - Paris

We will get back on our Unibus after having a nice breakfast in Brussels and walking around the ‘New City of Love’. You still have time to tell that special someone how you feel! We will pass through the north of France and the Ch’tis zone (the recent famous French comedy “Welcome to the north” is about this precise area), we will arrive back to Paris. If the traffic allows us, we will head straight to the palace of the King of Sun, Versailles and visit the beautiful gardens there.

Optional excursion Versailles and Paris by night**: €20 

central europe tour

Day 8 - Paris

You definitely have not seen all of Paris yet, so we will explore the bits you are missing so you don’t leave disappointed! Do you prefer modern architecture? Go to the futuristic buildings in le Defense. Prefer Bohemian multiculture? You should visit the Belleville district, where Monsieur Malaussene used to live. Or if you fancy something a bit different, why not go dance the can-can in the Moulin Rouge?

central europe tour
Don’t worry, what happens on a Eurotrip, stays with Unitrips!

*Those extras marked with (*) in the description need to be selected when you reserve your place for the tour through the reservation form. This is because numbers need to be booked far in advance.

**Those extras marked with (**) in the description are not in the form used to book your place. We will be in touch two weeks before the tour to ask about your interest in these extras and you can pay directly to the tour leader during the trip.

The program could suffer unforeseen changes due to weather conditions, traffic… or the ability of the group to respect meeting times.

The cities where we will sleep are subject to availability, depending on the flexibility of the hotels or hostels. The quality of the establishment will not change.

The tour could be done in the opposite direction, without changing the places visited or the services offered.

Meeting Point: Paris





Return time when suits you
Safety Collection Place Filled-50 Madrid or Paris

Paris or Madrid

You will receive more information by email once reserved and before the departure.

To get to Paris, the best options are:

By night bus with Unitrips, only available on the following dates!


  • April 7th: Madrid to Paris (only €48)
  • April 15th: Return Paris to Madrid (only €48)


  • July 2nd: Madrid to Paris (only €48)
  • July 10th: Return Paris to Madrid (only €48)

If you go by plane you have several flights EVERY DAY with:

  • Ryan air
  • Vueling

Check prices on the companies’ websites, or with comparison websites like:

Remember that in Paris there are several airports (Charle de Gaulle, Beauvais, Orly) and the cost to get to the centre can vary between €15 and €40.

If you have any problem regarding flights or schedules, we can give you a hand: read this article or don’t hesitate to contact us!

What’s included?

  • 8 days and 7 nights
  • Travel in comfy bus from Paris to the destinations
  • All transport costs
  • All parking and toll costs
  • 7 nights in hotels/hostels
  • 1 night in Paris
  • 1 night in Cologne
  • 2 nights in Amsterdam or surroundings
  • 2 nights in Brussels
  • 1 night in Paris
  • In hotels/hostels, rooms are multiple
  • 7 breakfasts
  • Group leader throughout the trip
  • Assistance throughout the trip
  • And many other surprises!

What’s not included?                                          

  • All that is not mentioned in “What’s Included?”
  • Night buses there and back
  • Flights or other transport to the departure point
  • Optional tours and excursions
  • Museum and monument entry
  • Optional Activities
  • Optional day trip to Bruges and Ghent (€35)
  • Versailles gardens + night panoramic tour in Paris (€20)
  • Administrative expenses (like VISA etc.)
  • Metro/taxi/bus tickets in the cities.

Book your spot for only €100 deposit…

…and pay the rest 30 days before departure.

Hop on hop off:

Would you like to join a few days late? Do you need to leave before the end? Drop us a line and we can try to give you a reduced price!

Minimum number of participants

As this is a group trip, a minimum of 40 people are required for this trip to be confirmed

Hotels and Hostels

The multiple rooms are from 3 to 9 beds, according to the availability of the establishment. If you want a double or single room, mark this extra in your booking form.


The main language on the trip will be Spanish, however all of our tour leaders speak both Spanish and English, and any written information you receive will be in English.

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