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World Heritage Sites

Join a group of 10 or more people and discover the principle beauties Italy offers with Unitrips. We will start from Rome and then continue on to Florence, Pisa, the tiny Tuscan towns and the incredible villages of the Cinque Terre. Come with us on this extensive Italian tour!

Day 1 - Rome

Meeting point in the Eternal City.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and in one day you cannot visit it either! We will start our tour visiting Castle Sant’Angelo, and also the smallest state in the world with the world’s largest church: Vatican City. Here, we will find the church of San Pedro, the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel, where Renaissance artists, like Michelangelo, left their mark.

Not satisfied? Well, we still need to: visit the Pantheon, try our luck throwing a coin into the Trevi Fountain,  taste the Italian cuisine in a typical Roman “osteria”, eat an ice cream, and why not go out to top it all off?!

Did you know that…

– In the Cathedral of St. Peter in Rome there are stars on the marble floor, right amidst a passageway that goes through the focal nave. They represent the length between different Catholic places of worship on the planet

– In Santa Maria in Cosmedin you can find the world’s most famous manhole cover: the Bocca Della Verita. According to legend, he who puts his hand in his mouth and tells a lie will get a bite

– Rome has a very romantic park:  the Villa Borghese, which, when viewed from the sky, is seen in the shape of the heart

Day 2 - Rome

Buongiorno Roma! The capital of Italy and the ancient “caput mundi” is waiting for us along with its thousands of years of history. Where to begin? Rome wasn’t built in a day and you can’t visit it in one either. We will start our visit with the Castel Sant’Angelo, and continue on to the smallest state in the world with the biggest church: the Vatican. Where you will find the beauties that are San Pedro, the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel, where Renaissance artists, such as Michaelangelo, left their lasting mark with frescoes such as the Last Judgement.

Unsatisfied? We still need to visit the Pantheon, to tempt luck throwing a coin in the Trevi Fountain, see Saint John’s Archbasilica, and last but not least, to visit the symbol of the city, the most visited monument in Italy: the Coliseum. Despite being half destroyed it maintains the enchantment of its history.

*Optional Activity: visit of Rome + Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums + Colosseum and Roman Walls = €50

Day 3 - Rome - Pisa

We will leave the eternal city, heading north, and passing through beautiful Tuscany which is renowned for appearing in movies! The softness of the nature with its green hills, full of trees and villas, is mixed with centuries of history and medieval art. After this charming journey we’ll arrive in Pisa.

Here we will pass through the ancient sea power of the middle ages to admire the most famous tower in the world with its inclination that has surprised the world for 1000 years: the Tower of Pisa.

Did you know that…

  • The most momentous feature in Pisa is its leaning tower Pisa. A huge number of travelers rush every year solely to see the tower and take a typical ‘holding it up’ picture
  • It is considered, after the cathedral, as one of the jewels of Romanesque art and the government has requested help several times to prevent its collapse


Day 4 - 5 Terre

Are you ready to go to the beach?

Grab your swimsuit, towel and sunscreen, because after so much art we are going to refresh ourselves in a unique place you won’t find anywhere else in the world: 5 Terre.

5 little towns with colorful houses, which can be found between the green mountains and end in the bluest sea you’ll have ever seen! A place where pollution almost hasn’t made a dent. There are very few cars and the way to travel between towns is either by foot or by a spectacular little train that runs along the seafront.


Day 5 - Pisa - Florence - Venice

“Buongiorno Principessa” said Benigni, an actor from the city of Florence, in the film “Life is Beautiful”.

Thanks to the Medici family from the thirteenth century, Florence became a world-leader in art. Writers, poets, painters, and sculptors walked around this city and filled its streets with their masterpieces. Florence belonged to geniuses of the caliber of Raffaello, Michelangelo, Leonardo , Donatello , Dante , Petrarch , Boccaccio , Botticelli, Machiavelli , Galileo … to name a few!

Today you can visit numerous fine arts by these creators in the historical center of the Uffizi, or if walking round an exhibition hall is not for you, you could walk up the hill where you can simply see the fanciful arch of Brunelleschi which dominates the city.

Tuscan restaurants have numerous dishes, so remember to attempt the Florentine steak! On the other hand you could try Lampredotto, to be enjoyed with a Chianti red wine.

More to find out about Florence…

The best Florence artists

Facts about Florence you won’t forget


Day 6 - Venice

Fall in love with this city that could well be an exhibition hall of the extraordinary. Venice is one of the most photographed places in the world. Don’t waste time, grab your camera and find your inner photographer; bridges, Vaporettos and Gondolas are all waiting to be snapped!

Appreciate the Basilica of San Marco, whose Burano glasswork has obvious byzantine influence, as do the multicoloured little houses of Burano!

In the afternoon you will have the choice to continue enjoying Venice by yourself or visit the Islands of Murano and Burano with us. As we explain from the onset, the choices we offer are almost unlimited, it’s up to you what you do!

Did you know that…

– The last bridge built in Venice was designed by a Spanish architect Calatrava

– From time to time in Venice a phenomenon called “Acqua Alta” occurs, which causes a sharp rise in water level in the lagoon of Venice. It usually lasts about 3 to 4 hours and dependent upon the force with which it happens it can reach a surge of up to a meter of water that could cover most of the historical district

– The only way to get around the city is on foot or by water. It is illegal to drive a car or ride a bicycle in this district

– Walking around Venice could give you the feeling that there are numerous channels, whereas there are in fact just two: the Grand Canal and the Giudecca Canal. The other little waterways that course through the restricted lanes are called rivers

Day 7 - Bye bye Italy

Time to go home… You can fly from Venice should you wish, as low cost flights leave from here for all over Europe!

Now we say goodbye, without remembering that what happens on a Unitrip, stays on a Unitrip!

The program could suffer unforeseen changes due to weather conditions, traffic… or the ability of the group to respect meeting times.

The cities where we will sleep are subject to availability, depending on the flexibility of the hotels or hostels. The quality of the establishment will not change.

The tour could be done in the opposite direction, without changing the places visited or the services offered.

Meeting Point: Rome





Return time when suits you
Safety Collection Place Filled-50 Rome


You will receive more information by email before the departure.

If you go by plane you have several flights EVERY DAY with:

  • Ryanair
  • Vueling

Check the prices in the companies’ websites, or search engines like:

If you have any problem regarding flights or schedules, we can give you a hand: Read this article! or don’t hesitate to contact us

What’s included?

  • 7 days and 6 nights
  • 6 nights in selected hostels/hotels with multiple bedrooms
  • 2 nights in Rome
  • 2 nights in Pisa
  • 2 nights in Venice
  • 6 buffet breakfasts
  • All transport costs from Rome, to Pisa, Florence and 5 Terre
  • Entrance to 5 Terre natural park
  • Train throughout the trip in the mentioned cities.
  • All costs related to parking, transport and tolls
  • Group leader throughout the trip
  • Guided tours in mentioned cities given by the tour leaders
  • Motivation throughout the trip
  • And many other surprises!


What’s not included?

  • Everything that is not mentioned in “What’s Included?”
  • Flight and transport to the starting point
  • Travel insurance and cancellation
  • Entrance fees for monuments and attractions
  • Visa fees or other administrative costs
  • Entrance fees
  • Optional activities
  • Guided visit of Rome + Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums + Coliseum and Roman Walls (€50)
  • Optional entry to 5 terre + tour in Pisa + transport (€70)
  • Public transport (metro/taxi) in the cities

Reserve your place for only €100…

…and pay the rest 30 days before departure

Minimum number of participants:

Being a group trip, it will only go ahead with a minimum of 10 participants each trip.

 If 10 people or fewer are signed up, the tour will be carried out by train.

Hotels and hostels:

The multiple rooms are from 3 to 9 beds, according to the availability of the establishment. If you want a double or single room, mark this extra in your booking form. Double rooms can be twin or 1 large bed.


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