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How can I make a reservation?

You can do it all online and if you have any problems, doubts or questions, feel free to send us an email at info@unitrips.es. We will be happy to answer anything and and give you more details.

Where will we meet?

A few weeks before the beginning of the trip, you will receive an email with the details about the exact meeting point. If you can’t be there at the established hour, you will get a phone number and email that you can contact so we can agree where to meet. We will always try to adapt ourselves to the requirements of young travelers, although sometimes it is impossible!

I can’t do the whole trip, is it possible to do only a part of it?

Flexibility is an aspect in which Unitrips stands out. If the days of the trips don’t fit with your schedule, you can join the group later. You just need to send us an email and we will tell you where and when we can meet and the renewed price of your trip.

Can I arrive before the starting day of the trip or leave later than the last day of the trip?

In Unitrips, we try to make things easier for you. We not only adapt to students who have limited time because of exams but also to those ones who want to enjoy the city more, so we do all the best to be as flexible as possible in every aspect. That’s why we offer you the opportunity to book extra nights in the first or last hotel of the trip. The hotels or hostels we work with are specifically selected, so while it may be possible that they are not the cheapest one, without any doubt they have excellent good prices given their quality.

All of my friends are going to travel with you but there aren’t any spots left…What can I do?

Hope! We travel with groups of maximum 50 people and the trips get booked very quickly. When there are no spots left, we open the waiting list. We can’t assure you will get a place but anything is possible! If you are one of the first people on the list, you may get lucky! You may as well try, being on the waiting list doesn’t cost you anything!

Who will I travel with?

The most of our travelers are University students, on Erasmus, young professionals….and people interested in learning and enjoying at the same time. The group is made of 30 – 50 travelers. Our tour leaders are ex – Erasmus with a lot of international experience that want to enjoy the trip with you while having a lot of information about the activities, nightlife, history… And they speak English, Spanish and other languages.

What is included in the price of the trip?

We clarify what is included in each of our trips in the dedicated section on the webpage. Generally, transport in a bus, hotels/hostels with breakfast and services of our incredible guides are always included. If there are any optional activities or extra charges, it will be specified on the page of the trip. We prefer to offer a service economically available to many youngsters and add extras to those who wish to experience a bit more and pay a bit more.

Is it possible to cancel or change my reservation? Will I have to pay something ?

Please, contact us by email at info@unitrips.es. We try to help our travelers a much as we can, but alterations are not always possible. We are a group and our providers require prior notice. We try to apply the following fees, depending how far in advance we are notified:
More than 45 days: 0 €
45 – 28 days: 25% not refundable
28 – 14 days: 50% not refundable
14 – 7 days: 75 % not refundable
< 7 days: 100% not refundable

Do you offer group discounts?

Of course we do! Check out our group discounts here!

Can I have a discount for early booking?

Yes! This is one of our best offers! If you are one of the first travelers to book the trip, you get a discount thanks to which you can save between 50 and 100 euros.

How much money will I need during the trip?

This is very personal and depends on your spending habits. You will have free time to do what you want: go shopping for yourself, souvenir shopping, going out…so your call! Bare in mind you may need some extra money in cities such as Paris or Amsterdam, as drinks get quite expensive!

Do I need a passport or a visa?

Depends on your nationality and on the destinations of the trip. Perhaps search online for what you will need for each country included in the trip.

What happens if Unitrips cancels the trip?

Unitrips is a professional and registered travel agency, so in the unlikely event of us cancelling the trip, we give everything you have paid back to you.

Can I do a trip alone?

Of course!! In fact, single travelers are those who normally enjoy it the most as they are the ones who make the most new friends!

Can I always stay in a room with my friends?

Once again, we try to be flexible in each and every aspect and we want everyone to be comfortable on the trip, with best roommates possible. It is impossible, however, that everyone always stays in the room with everyone they want to stay with, so we can’t guarantee anything. Even in case of travelers who want an individual room or a couple that asks for double room, hotels we use may not always have availability, so while we will always try our best you may need to adapt. Our trips are great opportunity to get to know people from all around the world, so we invite all members of group to be friendly, sociable and flexible. At the end the trip you will recognize it was a good choice of attitude to take as you will have enjoyed the trip to the max!

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