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Austria is the land of the arts. Alongside France, capitals like Vienna and Paris have been the meeting point of great artists over the decades; the focal point of personalities that triumphed in the more Bohemian fields and that today enjoy world-wide renown. Some of the celebrities that we will tell you about were born in Vienna, a city which has been closely associated with music throughout history. Likewise, with philosophers and thinkers. Discover below some of these individuals that you did not know were Austrian.



Considered as one of the most influential and prominent musicians in history.

Los Austriacos Famosos


Known as the ‘Father of the symphony’ and the ‘Father of the string quartet’ thanks to his important contributions to both genres.


Pioneer of musical romanticism.

Los Austriacos Famosos


Austrian composer and organist, creator of grand musical pieces.

bruckner compositor austriaco

Johann Strauss

Both father and son, born in Vienna, two of the most famous composers of our age.

Los Austriacos Famosos



Ludwig Wittgenstein

Austrian philosopher, mathematician, linguist, and logician. Not much at all then! Is there anything left to be?

Los Austriacos Famosos

Karl Popper

Philosopher and science theorist, of Jewish origin, a fact which bought him a few problems from Hitler, born in Austria

Los Austriacos Famosos


Sigmund Freud

Austrian-Jewish neurologist, father of psychoanalysis and one of the greatest intellectual figures of the 20th century. Considered by many as the father of sexism. This might have something to do with his claim that little girls desire their father’s penis.

sigmund freud famosos austriacos

Gregor Mendel

A monk who began studies on genetic inheritance from among the cloisters.


Gregor Mendel famosos austriacos

Konrad Lorenz

Upon completing his studies, he dedicated himself to zoology until obtaining a doctorate in this field from the University of Vienna. Perhaps the least deserving of fame.

Los Austriacos Famosos


Karl Kraus

Poet and novelist, symbol of the Viennese “fin de siècle”.

Los Austriacos Famosos

Gustav Klimt

Creator of the most famous kiss in the world (the painting ‘The Kiss’).

Los Austriacos Famosos

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Translated by Matt Thomas

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